At the Quebec Museum of Civilisation from November 1,2000 to January 6, 2002 there was an exhibition of some of the maritime treasure from the Paris National Maritime Museum, including some marvelous ship models. I had seen them before at the Paris Museum, but for those not lucky enough to visit the Paris Museum or to see the show here in Quebec, I will share some of the pictures that I took, here in Quebec. 
I would like to thank the Paris National Maritime Museum , in France for allowing me to share my photographs, especially Admiral Prudhomme, the curator of the Museum. 
I am just learning the ins and outs of photography so it is difficult for me, to take great photographs, in fact even with excellent conditions it is still difficult for me! ;-)  To make it harder for me they did not allow flash photography or even the use of a monopod or tripod! And if that was not enough, they had this strange revolving blue light, which was supposed to simulate the light reflected off of the ocean waves and then there was the poor light and reflections from the glass!!!! After some tests and several trips to the exhibition, I finally decided to take long time exposures ("Night Mode") and just hold my breath and not move! This resulted in many blurred images, so I had to retake and retake.... 3 trips were needed to get all 200 pictures to complete my series of pictures.! 
I plan to publish all the photos here in my gallery, but a few at a time. It is a lot of work for me to edit and enhance the photographs so they don't look too bad! I hope to add a new set every week or two, so please check back often!