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FAVORITE WEB SITES... a never ending list, this is only a beginning. 
Ship modelling
Site and forum about arsenal modelism and ancient ships. Full of friendly people to share your passion about ship modelling
Olivier Bello's web site, a master ship modeller that I met in Marine et Modélisme d'Arsenal forum
French Naval Archeology Collection. The finest monographs and books about sailing ships from 1650 to 1900
My friend Hubert's web site, a must see for his gorgeous models in wood.
A web site full of very useful information, mostly for naval R/C but lots of other things too and a very interesting link list (in French)
Armoured vehicles modelling
A reference web site about armoured vehicles, but other subjects as well. Very well detailled informations available.
Machining and woodworking
Check also the Sherline forum
Nick's web site is full of information about a Taig miniature lathe and Mill. Check also the Taig forum and Taig web site
A great source of machining tools in the US and most particularly in Canada.
A great source of woodworking tools, gardening and hardware in Canada.
Extreme miniatures
You will be astounished by the work of my friend David, an incredible artist who create extremely small diomaras and landscapes at 1:144 scale.
Bonsai trees in miniature. Incredible miniature trees and scenes. A must see.
A most incredible collection of dollhouse items for sale.
Personal miniatures and craft site.  Miniature knitting, patchwork and cross stitch a speciality.  Gallery of other miniaturist's work.
Look there for some miniatures in wood. Bowls, vases and such.
Miniature arms
Explore the links to see some truely amazing miniature weapons.
Who don't know Google, the greatest web search engine online. You don't !? A must see... try it and you'll love it.
Ok, this is most serious : Canadian weather, to know precisely when you will freeze to death in the winter or been steamed for sure in the summer.
What's best than a good laugh ? A Darwin Award !
NAUSICAA, the French National Sea Experience Centre