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 CopierScale, Enlarge/Reduce plans on a copier without the headhache 
The only purpose of this little tool is to compute the steps necessary to enlarge/redure a paper using a copier and it's limited zoom range. For the ones as impaired as myself in mental arithmetic. 
CopierScale.zip (64 KB) 
A single executable that run under Windows, no installation or documentation. Sorry, but this little program was intended primarily for my private usage. I simply hope it will be useful to others.  
CopierScale is Freeware program. 
Yours comments are welcome here: Daniel (webmaster@nutsnbits.com) 
If you want to do something else with the code, or are just curious about it, here it is : CopierScale_algorithm.cpp 
 Capture screens  
Consider them as the documentation and print them if you wish. 
You want to reduce a document 6 times, using a copier with a 25%-400% zoom range. This can be done in two steps; first, reduce your document by 25%, then take the result and reduce it again by 67%. The program indicate that there will be a small amount of error, because the real zoom value should have been 66.666672% and not 67%, but copiers are not THAT smart. 
Another example, you have 1/72 plans, and want to enlarge then to 1/35 scale. This time, the copier you have access have a limited 50%-200% zoom range. Two steps are necessary again, first enlarge by 200%, and then take the output result and enlarge it to 103%. 
And a last example. You figured that a length on your document is 0.12 times the real length. If you want that at scale 1/35, then reduce first to 25%, then to 95%. 
That's all. I hope you'll find this little tool useful.