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Quebec Bridge, by night  
I played a little with the long exposure of my brand new camera, a Sony F707. Here's the result. 
Same subject, during the day (November 2001) 
I've been happy enough to have this last photograph published in a book "Bridges That Changed the World". I recommand it to anyone interested by bridges, the photographs are wonderful and the texts short but very interesting.  
Bridges That Changed the World 
This book is available at Amazon.com, but also Amazon.ca et Amazon.fr 
Or at other bookstore places. Possibly, check at the editor Prestel (German)  
September 2003. 
The colored lights have been removed a while ago, and now all is white. Not as good looking... but the long time exposure again enhanced the light, and improve the visual aspect.  
At the naked eye, the bridge look like that: 
Not so pretty...