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Here you will find things about mechanical nuts, programming bits and other numerous and various things I have in mind. The green grid you see on the background of some of my pictures is a 1 inch x 1 inch grid (25mm x 25mm), printed on a cutting mat. You can easily use it as a scale reference. 
I hope you'll enjoy the visit. 
Karl shell  K5/Leopold Shell  D30/T34-122 Muzzle brake  Armored guns  Ammunitions  Tank wheels        Miniature objects  Miniature dagger  Curtain poles  Marine guns  Marine ropes  National Maritime Museum of Pari  Le Cerf, by Kerry Jang  L’Ambitieux, by Kerry Jang  La Jacinthe, by Kerry Jang  Le Coureur, by Kerry Jang    Interlocking puzzle  Arbor saw  Double-switch  Table saw (drawings)  Table saw  Quebec bridge  Doom’s day  Castle Frontenac  Garden’s Marmots  CopierScale   GridOmatic   Favorites sites   What’s new 
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 Karl-Gereat 60cm Heavy Mortar shell 
 K5/Leopold 28cm Gr 35 Shell 
 D30 / T34-122 Muzzle brake 
 Scale armored guns 
Guns ammunitions 
 Tank wheels in acrylic 
Miniatures for dollhouse and collectors in metal and acrylic 
 A French soldier dagger, XVII th century 
 Dollhouse curtain poles 
Naval guns for "La Belle" ship 
Scale marine ropes 
 Treasure of the National Maritime Museum of Paris 
 MINIATURE SHIP from my friend Kerry Jang  
Le Cerf, French Cutter at 1:192 scale 
L'Ambitieux, 80 Guns ship at 1:192 
La Jacinthe, Schooner at 1:144 
Le Coureur, Lugger at 1:200 
1778, diorama at 1:75 
 One of my frist projects, an interlocking puzzle 
 An arbor saw extension, with universal hole adapter 
A fool-proof way to avoid hitting the reverse switch by mistake 
An old project of building a table saw (sketches only) 
A real project of building a table saw (complete but not perfect) 
 Quebec bridge, by night 
Doom's day 
Castle Frontenac, Quebec City 
Garden's Marmots 
 CopierScale, Enlarge/Reduce plans on a copier without the headhache 
 GridOmatic, print your own graph paper, imperial or metric at any scale 
  My tools and I 
 Favorite web sites 
 What's new ? 
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