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Doll house curtain poles 
I'm interested to try making some miniature furniture, and Doll house scale 1:12 seem to be the perfect one. 
Here are some results I had while playing with the lathe. The pole ends are made with 1/4" brass rod. the pole bar itself if 1/8" brass rod. 
The ball was the first I made. I roughly shaped the form with a grinder, then I finished the job with some diamond bit on my Dremel. I found that those diamond bits eat HSS metal like butter, so it's easy to make intricate shapes. The bad side is the high price of those bits !  
I tried different shapes. 
Please note that the cutting qualities of those bits are not very good. I'm also discovering by myself how to use a grinder properly, and making a perfect cutting toolbit is no so easy ! 
And here's the result of one hour of fun ! It took me less than 2 minutes to cut a ball, finish it with a little sanding and separate it with the lathe cut off tool. 
Oh yes : it is very feasible to form with the same tools aluminium rod. With a very fast rotation speed, and some VARSOL as lubricant, here's the result.