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 GridOmatic, print your own graph paper, imperial or metric at any scale 
The only purpose of this little tool is to print graph paper, either as millimetric (with 10th divisions) or imperial (with 8th divisions). A laser or inkjet printer is capable of printing paper of a very high quality, and as a bonus you can adjust the scale, to enlarge/reduce the grid and suit your needs of any scale drawing. 
I use those papers all the time to draw the things I will machine. Usually, I use a paper in millimeter, and use it at scale 10x (1 cm = 1 mm). That way I can draw very small objects, and simply measure some very small distances with a ruler. But I'm sure you will find other usages... 
It is a single executable that run under Windows, without specific installation.  
GridOmatic.zip (132 KB)   
GridOmatic.exe (268 KB) for ZIP challenged people, here's the strait executable Windows program. Bigger to download, but directly usable. To download it on your computer, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." on the popup menu. Then, choose a place where to save the executable. You just have later to double click on its icon  at this place you just choose to run it on your computer. Do not left click on this link, as the executable would eventually run, but would not be downloaded permanently for future uses.  
GridOmatic is a Freeware program, for private use only. For any commercial usage, thanks to contact me. 
Recent news: 
Gridomatic is a popular download on my web site. Many people download it, resulting in a significant increase of the bandwidth usage. As you may know, web sites renting price depend on that. I decided to keep GridOmatic available and still completely freeware, but, if you have access to a PayPal account, I suggest you to make a donation of an amount you find acceptable, that will help me to keep my web site running, and give me the will to improve this tool and keep it freeware.  
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Thank you. 
Yours comments are welcome here: Daniel (webmaster@nutsnbits.com) 
 Capture screens  
Consider them as the documentation and print them if you wish. 
You can print a black and white grid, typicaly for a laser printer. This one use the default B&W, with centimeter printing (the smallest square is one millimeter). The right part display a zoomed pattern, and indicate on the top that this zoomed part is the equivalent once printed of 8.3 cm. You can see that there is 8 grid unit squares, and 3 millimeter squares, so : 8.3 cm 
This show a setting for color printer, with the default color used. The unit is selected as an inch, and the right part display the equivalent of 3"1/4 (3.25"). The default color scheme can be changed by clicking on the colored buttons.  
This is the print-preview view, that show what will be printed on the paper. You can also directly print the paper without displaying this view. On the bottom left there is an indication of the size of the current printed grid unit, in this case it's not visible but it display just after the line that define a unit grid : 
= 1" 
And this last capture screen show you a customised paper, the unit grid is equivalent to 0.25 inch and the grid line is set to blue. The euqivalent paper will be printed with little squares as small as 1/32" (the 1/8" default devided by 4, that's what the 0.25 value mean 0.25 = 1/4). 
That's all. I hope you'll find this little tool useful.