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 Guns ammunitions 
I wanted to make a try with some ammunitions. Those are for the previous Panzer IV gun. I tried to make the 1:15 scale as accurate as possible, only having as a reference a photograph that I found in TONY WILLIAMS' AMMUNITION PHOTO GALLERY 
Brass and aluminium 
It was very difficult to turn the small one at scale 1:35 because of metal bending problems. The bar was pushed instead of been cut, resulting in a very poor surface finish. I finally found a way using a much larger 3/16 brass bar than necessary (the ammo diameter is less than 1/8). While cutting in one step from the top to the bottom, there was enough rigidity to completely avoid bending. But what a waste of metal ! 
How far can we go in miniature turning ? I had the challenge to realize a munition for FLAK 30/38, the german gun that use ammunitions 20mm in diameter. At 1/35 scale, THIS is small ! It seems that the only available commercial products are cast resins or plastics at this size. 
Here's my first try: 
Overall length is about 1/4" (6mm). The trick of using a larger brass rod seem a necessity, 1/8" rod bar was bending all the time, but a far greater 1/4" brass rod do the job without too much difficulties.  
I think I learned a point: Better waste metal than waste time ! 
Updated information: 
I recently made some sub-miniature shells, a result much better than my previous attempts. One must improve with time hopefully... I keep the previous picture as a point of comparison. 
Those are modern 25mm ammo 
See the percussion caps ?? 
At scale 1/35, they are REALLY small. Even so, I was able to make an hollow case, just like the real thing... look the open one, it is completely hollow inside. 
The real thing ! 
And in situation, on a model made by Sylvain Miron 
To continue my journey in microscopic turning, here's another try for the Flak 38 2cm ammunition, that match the gun displayed here 
At 1:35 scale, here it is: 
Obviously, one must not do half the work : The shell is hollow. 
Of course, 2cm at 1/35 scale, that's not large on a finger's tip. 
See the gun that use this ammunition here 
The real Flak 38 2cm ammo, far much nicer than mine... but far more larger (length 20 cm, about 8")